Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance (EDAR) Conference

The EDAR Conference is attended by a consortium of scientists from around the world that are interested in better understanding how the environment (e.g., water, soil, wastewater, agriculture) can serve as a source and pathway for the spread of antibiotic resistance. The group was founded by Ed Topp of Agri Food Canada in 2011, with an expert workshop held in Montebello, Canda. Since then, the group has grown substantially, meeting in 2013 in Xiamen, China, and most recently in May 2015 in Wernigerode, Germany. Here, Dr. Pruden delivered an invited lecture on the closing day of the conference, synthesizing some of the key themes from the conference and her own work in order to develop a framework for identifying mitigation strategies for limiting the spread of antibiotic resistance through the environment.

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