International Association for Food Protection

Several member of our team presented at the IAFP 2017 Annual Meeting held in Tampa, FL: Vaishali Dharmarha presented “Storage Temperature and Sanitizer Washing Influences the Bacterial Community Dynamics of Carrots” and “An Assessment of Produce Growers’ Sanitizer Practices and Knowledge about Antimicrobial Resistance”; Kendall Fogler presented “Microbial Community Analysis of Field Grown Produce in Soil Amended with Manure or Compost from Antibiotic Treated Cattle”; and Giselle Guron presented “Metagenomic Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Mobile Genetic Elements Found on Radish Taproots Grown in Soils Amended with Manure and Compost from Cattle” and “Quantifying Sulfonamide Resistance Genes on Lettuce Grown in Soil Amended with Manure and Compost from Antibiotic-Treated Cattle”.

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